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About Us

Since the year 2000, Gökdemir Group has become the leading organization in the construction sector with years of experience and a 23-year success story. With its product variety, design distinctions, quality standards, and post-sales service, Gökdemir Group continues to provide added value and create new opportunities, positioning itself among the respected brands in the industry.

With a consumer-focused approach, Gökdemir Group effectively reflects the needs and expectations of the industry in its products and services at every stage. By anticipating new trends and tendencies in home decoration, Gökdemir Group continuously improves all production and service processes. Combining its innovative approach with a modern production and marketing concept along with its industry experience, Gökdemir Group aims to constantly elevate standards in the construction sector.

Gökdemir Group stands out by adding value and uniqueness to consumers' living spaces through innovative applications. It continues to drive momentum in the sector with its 1200 square meters Showroom Sales stores and 7500 square meters Furniture and PVC Factories, offering all kinds of home decoration needs under one roof. Setting the direction for home decoration, Gökdemir Group also provides convenience to consumers through attractive campaigns, discounts on various product groups, and special offers.

Gökdemir Group is committed to unconditional customer satisfaction and, in line with its evolving customer service philosophy, continually improves its showrooms and manufacturing departments, making excellent service its goal.

Ahiport Life

58 4+1 residence projects on an area of 13,500 square meters in Ankara. Start Date:September 2017 - End Date:December 2018

Gökova Plaza

Private school campus on an area of 3000 square meters in Ankara. Start Date:January 2017 - End Date:September 2017


28 4+1 flats / 4 commercial areas project on an area of 8,000 square meters in Ankara. Start Date:January 2020 - End Date:December 2020

Bulvar Life

58 units of 11 2+1 flats / 121 units of 1+1 flats / 7 commercial areas on an area of 2800 square meters in Ankara. Start Date:January 2018 - End Date:February 2019

Herasus Plaza

Project of 18 commercial areas on an area of 4000 square meters in Ankara. Start Date: October 2017 - End Date: July 2018

Gökdemir Life

43 4+1 flats / 47 3+1 flats / 17 commercial areas project on an area of 3000 square meters in Ankara. Start Date:March 2016 - End Date:December 2017.

Gökdemir Modern

32 4+1 flat projects in Ankara.

Gökdemir Tower

104 2+1 flats / 12 commercial areas project in Ankara.
Frequently Asked Questions

These questions aim to provide a general understanding of Gökdemir Group and its projects.

We have been active in the construction sector since 2000. Our expertise covers a wide range of projects, including residential projects, commercial and business centers, shopping malls, and many other different sectors. We strive to combine aesthetics, functionality, and quality in each project to create unique living spaces. Our goal is to achieve the best results in every type of project and maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level.

· Gökdemir City: Consisting of 332 apartments and 10 commercial units.
· Gökdemir West: A modern living space with 332 apartments.
· Gökdemir Class: Offering exclusive and comfortable living with 111 apartments.
· Gökdemir Life: A project with 56 apartments and 4 commercial units.
· Gökdemir Cadde: Located in the heart of the city, with 39 apartments and 8 commercial units.
· Gökdemir Tower: A high-rise building consisting of 104 apartments and 12 commercial units.
· Wind Göksu: A modern living space with 159 apartments and 6 commercial units.
· Gökdemir Modern: Offering elegant living with 32 apartments and 4 commercial villas.
· Gökdemır Suit: A comfortable and luxurious project with 66 apartments and 15 commercial units.
· Bulvar Life: Providing a comfortable living with 132 apartments and 7 commercial units.
· Gökdemir Life: A dynamic living space with 90 apartments and 17 commercial units.

For more information about other projects and to explore additional options, you can visit our website.

When pricing our residential projects, we consider factors such as the project's specifications, size, materials used, and duration. Our aim is to meet customer expectations and offer a fair price.

Projemiz December 2024'te teslim edilecek. Genellikle projelerimizi tam zamanında teslim etmek önceliğimizdir. Ancak bazen beklenmedik zorluklar veya iklim şartları nedeniyle projelerin teslim tarihlerinde 1-2 aylık sarkmalar yaşanabilir. Bu tür durumları minimize etmek için titizlikle çalışıyor ve müşterilerimize en doğru bilgileri sağlamaya özen gösteriyoruz.

To get the most up-to-date information on the project's progress, you can visit our website. Our website will provide photos, videos, and text-based updates on different stages of the project. Additionally, if you have any questions or update requests, you can reach out to our call center. We are here to provide seamless communication and information flow at every stage of the project.

The brands and models of materials to be used in the project are determined by our interior design team before construction. Since we produce 70% of the materials to be used in construction in our own factory, we do not face stock shortages. We also prepare 75% of the materials before the construction begins.

Customer satisfaction and feedback are fundamental aspects of our business. We strive to meet customer expectations at every stage of our projects. When projects are completed, we gather customer feedback and aim to continuously improve by considering both positive and negative feedback. Customer satisfaction and feedback guide us in shaping our work.

Understanding Needs: We start by conducting a detailed analysis to understand the project's requirements and expectations. This is a fundamental step in selecting the right materials.
Performance and Durability: The performance and durability of materials impact the project's lifespan. We select materials that are suitable for the project's intended use and environmental conditions.
Aesthetics and Design: The appearance and design of materials ensure that the project is aesthetically pleasing. We aim to achieve both functional and visually satisfying results.
Environmental Impact: Sustainability is important. We consider the environmental effects when choosing materials, favoring eco-friendly and recyclable options.
Compliance and Standards: We ensure that materials comply with relevant standards and local regulations. This is crucial for safety and legal compliance.
Supplier Relationships: We collaborate with reliable and quality materials suppliers. Good supplier relationships support the success of the project. In conclusion, we strive to balance functionality, aesthetics, sustainability, and budget factors in material selection. Choosing materials that meet customer expectations and are safe and high-quality shapes the success of the project.

Infrastructure and environmental arrangements are important components tailored to the unique needs and environmental conditions of each project. Here are the general steps we follow:

Analysis and Planning: First, we analyze the project's requirements. Infrastructure needs such as water and sewage systems, electrical infrastructure, etc., are identified. Environmental conditions, land structure, and local regulations are also considered.
Design and Engineering: We work with professional engineers for infrastructure and environmental arrangements. Detailed designs, engineering calculations, and plans are created. Safety, durability, and sustainability are top priorities during this stage.
Earthworks: Infrastructure projects often require earthwork. Excavation, filling, and corrections are performed.
Infrastructure Installation: Infrastructure systems such as water, sewage, and electricity are installed. During this phase, installations are carefully placed and tested.
Roads and Walkways: Roads, pedestrian pathways, and vehicle paths within the project area are designed and constructed. Traffic flow and safety are considered.
Landscape and Green Areas: Landscape design is essential in environmental arrangements. Plant selections, green spaces, flower beds, and afforestation work are carried out.
Lighting and Fixtures: Lighting systems, benches, trash bins, and other fixtures are planned and installed.
Accessibility and Disability-Friendly Solutions: Making the project accessible and disability-friendly is important. Solutions like ramps and accessible restrooms are considered.
Testing and Inspection: Once infrastructure and environmental arrangements are complete, systems are tested and inspected. Any deficiencies or issues are addressed.
Maintenance and Monitoring: Regular maintenance and monitoring are carried out after project completion. Ensuring the functionality of infrastructure systems and the preservation of environmental arrangements.

In our projects, 50% is paid in advance, and the remaining amount is divided into interest-free installments based on the delivery date.

Transition between Gökdemir Group projects is possible.

The final delivery and acceptance processes involve the concluding stages of construction projects. When the majority of the work is completed, quality control and inspections are conducted. Installations and systems are put into operation. A delivery and acceptance report is prepared, confirming that the work complies with the project. When delivery and acceptance documents are signed, the project is officially completed.

After the apartment handover, for any deficiencies, malfunctions, or similar situations, you can reach our in-house technical service team by calling our hotline at 444 81 91. Our expert team is here to address any issues that may arise within the apartment or complex and provide the best solution. With a focus on customer satisfaction, we are dedicated to ensuring that your living spaces are always in the best condition. We are here to serve you.